Aerosoolliim Spirit 5 strong

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Toote kirjeldus

SPIRIT 5 STRONG is a new, even more effective formula of SPIRIT 5 – temporary adhesive spray of stronger sticking effect. It facilitates multiple repositioning. It is used for temporary sticking of fabric, paper, light cardboards and plastics to other surfaces. It enables multiple joining and separating of elements without risk of adhesive shifting from one surface to the other. It is widely used for textile industry for fastening of: printed elements of clothing [serigraphy], patterns during cutting or drawing. It indispensables in series production for fastening of elements before final mounting. It precious for artists [designing collages].
If you are looking for temporary adhesive spray of standard sticking effect we recommend SPIRIT 5.
Attention! To remove used adhesive from machines and tools best apply the industrial cleaner SPIRIT 6.