Kai vesiluisk AP-0305, (whetstone)

Kahepoolne vesiluisk  teralisus #400/1000 + reservuaar, 180x60x30 mm.


Toote hind: 42.70 EUR

Toote kirjeldus

Reservuaari suurus 252x94x35 mm.

Because the whetstones “float” in the practical plastic casing, they dry quickly all round. The plastic casing also has a gutter
and a water reservoir, for moistening the whetstone during the grinding process.

A detailed manual for re-working symmetric and asymmetric blades with traditional Japanese whetstones can be found here.

Toote andmed

Valmistaja KAI
180 mm
60 mm
30 mm
teralisus 400 / 1000
sünteetiline kivi