Kääride tasku KAI S-1

Reguleeritava vööga KAI kääride tasku, 2-3 kääri hoidmiseks. Suletav takjakinnitusega tasku ja kummiaas kirjutusvahendi hoidmiseks. Suurepärane abivahend kui käärid kipuvad pidevalt “kaduma”.

Toote hind: 39.00 EUR

Toote kirjeldus

This is the Kai Scissor Holster with adjustable belt.  It is an ideal product for ensuring safe storage and quick, efficient scissor use without having to set your scissors/shears down on your table or work area.   It features a removable and adjustable, snap-on belt for a lightweight and comfortable fit.

The holster also includes two built-in scissor compartments, a closable, velcro® pocket, and an elastic strap for holding a writing instrument.  Additionally, it is a great choice for upholsterers, industrial users, quilters, sewers, and more.

Toote andmed

Valmistaja KAI (Jaapan)
Värv Must / Dark Black
nailon + plastik