Kohtvalgusti TEXI 12 USB

Energiasäästlik tööstuslike õmblusmasinate LED lamp koos adapteriga.
12 eredat LED-i, kinnitub tugeva magnetiga õmblusmasina pea külge, painduv kael. Pinge 5V . Lihtne paigaldada. Kogupikkus 29 cm.

Sobib enamikele õmblusmasinatele.

Toote hind: 19.95 EUR

Toote kirjeldus

LED lamp for industrial sewing machines TEXI LED USB with USB plug and additionally equipped with adaptor to connect directly to electricity socket.
Power of 0,6 W gives much better (brighter and whiter) light. Diodes used in the manufacture of LED lamps are characterized by high luminous efficiency with minimum energy consumption. Save up to 90% energy compared to traditional light bulbs. Unlike fluorescent bulbs and halogen lighting, LEDs achieves full power at the time of inflammation and is resistant to frequent switching on and off.
– base type: USB, with additional adaptor
– power consumption: 0,6 W
– color: cool 5800-6800K
– view angle: 60°
– capacity: 145 Lm (from 20 cm height)
– voltage: 5 V
– certificates: CE, ROHS