Leivanuga KAI PureKomachi 2 AB-5705

Sakiline pikk tera sobib ideaalselt leiva lõikamiseks. Tera pikkus 20 cm.

Toote hind: 17.95 EUR

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Pure Komachi playfully combines function and design.

The top-quality stainless steel is coated with a coloured anti-slip material. Food does not stick to the blade when cutting and the colour code clearly shows what to use the knife for. The transparent handle shows the scope of application.

Bread knife, blade 8.0″ / 20,0 cm, Handle 11,5 cm


Toote andmed

Valmistaja KAI (Jaapan)
Tera materjal roostevaba teras SUS420J2 / 53 ± 1 HRC.
Tera pikkus 20 cm
Noa pikkus 31.5 cm