Kunstnikunuga Martor Grafix Tipcut 490

Kirjutamise asemel lõikab. Kasutage seda nagu pastapliiatsit, vajutades üleval olevat nuppu tuleb lõiketera välja. Sobib hästi täpsust vajavate tööde jaoks, paberi, kile ja tekstiili lõikamiseks.


Toote hind: 6.31 EUR

Toote kirjeldus

Cutting instead of writing. Your “Pen” with a blade.

Even something like this is available at MARTOR: Just as in the case of a ball-point pen, you press the pusher at the top – and the blade comes out at the bottom. Since the GRAFIX TIPCUT can be guided just as accurately as a pen, it is suitable for all delicate and sophisticated cutting work. For example, for cutting through paper, foil or textiles. Similarly, you can sink the blade back into the handle by pressing the pusher. It cannot get easier than this.

Toote andmed

Pikkus 140 mm
Laius 9.7 mm
Paksus 12.7 mm
Kaal 12 gr