Vaibanuga Martor Secunorm Profi Light 123001

Ergonoomiline ja turvaline lõikenuga. Lõikab kahekordset lainepappi, lamineeritud kilet, fooliumi, paberit, polüstüreeni, tekstiili, niiti, paelu, vilti, fliisi jne. Vahetatav lõiketera. Lõikesügavus 15.5 mm.

Toote hind: 12.20 EUR

Toote kirjeldus

The particularly light heavyweight. With trapezoid blade.

The SECUNORM PROFI LIGHT is a PROFI off-spring. With its plastic body, it is lighter than the others by several grams. But as far as cutting ability is concerned, it’s a heavyweight. You can use this cutter for almost all purposes. A relatively large blade length makes it suitable for cutting all common materials. For an indefinite number of cuts. And for special requirements, considering the handle can accommodate various types of blades.

Toote andmed

Pikkus 140 mm
Laius 30 mm
Paksus 15.3 mm
Kaal 43.3 gr
Lõike sügavus 15.5 mm
Varutera Martor 5232