Vaibanuga Martor Secupro 625002

Alumiiniumist ergonoomiline ja turvaline lõikenuga, noa tera liigub peale lõiget automaatselt käepidemesse. Lõikab kolmekordset lainepappi, lamineeritud kilet, fooliumi, paberit, nahka, tekstiili, niiti, paelu, kummi jne. Vahetatav lõiketera. Lõikesügavus 15.5 mm.

Toote hind: 36.73 EUR

Toote kirjeldus

Long lever. Long blade. Long-lasting enjoyment. With trapezoid blade.

The new SECUPRO 625 goes straight to the top position of our list with squeeze-grip knives. Its aspiration is very clear: premium. Because it offers all that professional users require: an aluminium handle, an easy and smooth lever to release the blade, a large cutting depth combined with a very high safety due to the fully automatic blade retraction and a comfortable blade change. All in all, you will know that you have a high-end cutting tool in your hands.

Toote andmed

Pikkus 154 mm
Laius 67 mm
Paksus 22 mm
Kaal 150 gr
Lõike sügavus 24 mm
Varutera Martor 99