Mõõdulint HEXAGON Magnetic Floral-Green

Kuusnurkse disainiga, käepärane rull-mõõdulint. Usaldusväärne, patenteeritud lukustuv tagasikerimismehhanism. Korpuse tagaküljel tugev magnet. Mõõdulindi pikkus 150 cm, laius 10 mm. Skaala cm/cm.

Toote hind: 5.79 EUR

Toote kirjeldus

Highest quality measuring tailor tape with automatic rolling, Made in Germany by HOECHSTMASS. Length 150 cm, tape width 10 mm, reversible (on both side centimetre scale). Practical and durable.
With magnet which enables fixing e.g. to the refrigerator – you will never lose it. Colour and aesthetic – ideal as a gift.