Nööpaugu õmblusmasin TEXI O Premium, Electronic buttonhole machine

Niidilõikusega elektrooniline pesunööpauk. Automaatne õlitus. Niidi katkemisel automaatne noa väljalülitus.

Toote kirjeldus


Multifunctional, fully automatic buttonhole machine equipped with built-in fast and precise stepping motors working in x and y axis and Direct Drive system with servo motor mounted in machine head. Equipped with touch control panel.
Automatic functions: foot lifter, thread trimming, fabric feeding, sewing speed regulation, cloth cutting mechanism (multi-cut system – buttonhole of any length, without changing the knife).
Machine equipped with the safety device which prevents fabric from cutting in case of thread breaking. Thanks to applying a modern technology, lubrication is limited to the minimum (what prevents the formation of spots on the sewing products).

Technical specification:
– for sewing light and medium fabrics
– standard clamps size 29 x 5 mm and 40 x 6 mm
– automatic adjustment of the buttonhole cut-out to the buttonhole length, without changing the knife (multi-cut system)
– 30 buttonhole patterns in standard (including 4 bar tacking programs)
– possibility of self designing of buttonholes and storing them in panel (up to 99 programs)
– active thread tension mechanism
– foot lifting up to 14 mm
– maximum sewing speed 3.600 s.p.m.
– voltage 220-240V
– integrated, energy-saving AC Servo motor and stepping motors
– energy-saving LED lamp
– needles system 135×5



Toote andmed

Valmistaja Texi
Õmmeldav materjal kerge ja keskmine
Nööpaugu pikkus 9.4 - 38.0 mm
Nööpaugu laius 2.5 - 5.0 mm
Nööpaugu läbilõike pikkus 6.4 - 31.8 mm
Presstalla tõus kuni 14 mm
Õmbluse kiirus 3600 pistet/ minutis
Kasutatav pinge 220 - 240V