Õmblusmasin ZOJE ZJ4810-BD

1 nõela ja 2 niidiga ahelpiste õmblusmasin, kergele ja keskmisele materjalile. Vaikne servomootor.

Toote kirjeldus

1-needle, 2-thread chainstitch machine with energy-saving AC Servo motor built-in into machine head and automatic needle positioning (top – bottom). Perfect there, where elastic and resistant seam is required, e.g. in trousers, working clothes, linings, banners. Machine equipped with looper which enables sewing without the necessity of frequent change of lower thread. Equipped with hemmer for French seam.

Bottom feed, max. sewing speed 5.500 s.p.m., max. stitch length 4 mm, foot lifting up to 10 mm, central lubrication.

Complete sewing machine with Kessler stand and table top.

Toote andmed

Valmistaja ZOJE
Õmmeldav materjal kerge ja keskmine
Materjali liigutamine altvedu
Piste pikkus 4 mm
Õmbluse kiirus 5500 pistet/ minutis
Nõela tüüp 149x7
Kasutatav pinge 230V