Õmblusmasina õli Teresstic T32 – 5L

Kõrgekvaliteetne õmblusmasina õli kiiretele masinatele (overlokid ja kattemasinad). Õlitab kõik liikuvad osad: ketid, hammasrattad, liuglaagrid. Imendub tõhusalt raskesti ligipääsevatesse kohtadesse, eemaldab metallpindadelt niiskuse, kaitseb oksüdeerumise ja roostetamise eest. keemia_sos2_a

Toote kirjeldus

Kogus: 5L

High class circular and turbine oil, based on mineral oils, for lubricating and cooling bearings and as hydraulic oil. Forms an even oil film, can be used in a wide range of temperature. Works as an  anti-foam agent and water- repellent, no reaction with leak stoppers.
– sewing machines (central and spot lubricating); steam, gas and water turbines
– electrically driven generators, compressors and pumps
– hydraulic systems subject to water access
– air compressors with compression chambers oil lubricated (stationary systems-final compressing temperature up to 160’C, mobile system up to 220’C
– industrial transmission gears requiring oil class CL, HL and VBL