Teppimis presstalla komplekt GR1245 R3mm Pfaff

Kanga ääresuunaja asub nõelast paremal pool. Sobib pealt-, alt- ja nõelasööduga Pfaff 145/ 146/ 335/ 545/ 1245 ja Texi HD 335/ 1245 õmblusmasinatele. Pfaff Industrial Sewing Machine walking foot set, with right guide 3mm.

Toote kirjeldus

This is a 3mm spring loaded right edge guide presser foot set made to fit the Pfaff 1245, 545, and 335 classes of machines.

It allows you to keep your stitches precisely aligned 3mm (1/8″) from the right edge of your work piece. The spring loaded guide swings up and rides on top of the material when you need to sew across your material instead of along an edge.

Fits the following machines:
Pfaff 335 variations and clones:
Mauser Spezial 335
Hightex 7335
Reliable MSK-335B
Typical TW3-P335, TW3-P335B, TW3-P335V, TW3-P335VB
Goldsew SR-335
Pfaff 1245 variations and clones:
Mauser Spezial 1245
Typical TW1-1245