Presstalla komplekt US-190R, Right toe zipper walking foot set

Alt- ja pealtveoga süstikpiste õmblusmasina presstalla komplekt. Paremalt poolt tõmbeluku õmblemiseks.

Toote kirjeldus

This set contains one outside foot and one inside foot. Used for all kinds of general work on leather, upholstery, canvas, vinyl, furniture, awnings, tents, etc.

It is used on a top and bottom feed, walking foot sewing machine.

The foot will fit the Juki DU-1181N, Consew 205RB, Texi Walker, Zoje ZJ0303 and Typical GC6-6.

Presser foot size:
Width : 3.2mm
Pressing length : 9mm

Feeding foot size:
Width : 8.8mm
Pressing length : 27mm