Puhastusvahend Rollax

Dubleerpressi tööpindade ja triikraua põhjade puhastusvahend. Kasutamis temperatuur kuni +240˚C.

Toote hind: 17.81 EUR

Toote kirjeldus

ROLLAX is a powdered cleaner which has been developed by MIZHO CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. to remove adhesive residue from operating surfaces of interlining fusing machines and irons. In addition, when used regularly, ROLLAX acts as a release agent, reducing further sticking of adhesive to operating surfaces and preserving Teflon-coated belts and plates.
Contains highly viscous silicone and thus improves mold release.
Contains neither solvents nor poisonous chemicals and, when melting 60°C, does not release poisonous gases. Also, it does not damage machine surfaces or materials being fused.
ROLLAX is not flammable under fusing conditions. (Flash point:240°C; Ignition point:above 240°C.)
ROLLAX does not absorb humidity.