Tekstiili kinnitusmasin SAGA SPA-80, Plastic staple pin attacher

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Toote kirjeldus

Plastic staple attacher automatically feeds fasteners through two needles from continuous reel:

– it replaces fastening and labeling by means of thread bar tacks
– plastic staples provide strong attachment but also allow for their easy removal
– the operator can use 2 needles (fixing of labels) or only one needle (pairing of soft items with maximum thickness 9,5 mm)
– machine includes foot pedal for easy fastener installation, security switch, counter, workface lighting.

Power 60W, voltage 220-240V. Complete with Kessler table top and stand.

Toote andmed

Kaal 19 Kg
Kasutatav pinge 220V
Võimsus 60W
Maksimaalne paksus 12 mm
Kinnitusniidi suurus 13 mm