SCHMETZ lükra nõelad kodumasinale 130/705 H-S, Assortii 5 nõela pakis Nr. 3×75, 2×90

Kergelt ümara otsaga nõelad tihedatele elastsetele kangastele ja kummipaelale.
Komplektis 5 tk. Suurused 3×75, 2×90.

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Stretch SCHMETZ needles for stretch, lycra and elastic, soft knitted fabrics. 5 pcs. – 3×75, 2×90. They fit to the most types of household sewing machines.

  • Contents: 5 stretch needles from SCHMETZ | System 130/705 H-S with flat shank in needle sizes 3 x 75/11 and 2 x 90/14 | Delivered in a storage box for sewing machine needles
  • Special feature: special shape for easy sewing of elastic fabrics. The special design of hollow groove and eye works against false stitches and the middle ball tip prevents holes
  • Suitable for the following fabrics/materials: elastic or highly elastic knitted fabric, such as T-shirts, Lycra, silk jersey, Nicki, fine jersey, single jersey, cotton knit
  • Can be used on any standard household sewing machine (e.g. Bernina, Elna, Juki, Janome, Husqvarna, Singer, W6 etc.). Long service life thanks to high-quality workmanship
  • Colour coding of SCHMETZ: needle is clearly visible even without packaging. Upper colour marking for stretch needles = yellow, lower colour marking = dusky pink for needle size 75/11 and blue at 90/14


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Assortii 3x75, 2x90