Tekstiilipüstol SAIP

Lühikese nõelaga tekstiilipüstol. Sobib extra fine nailonkinnituste laskmiseks siidi, pesu ja trikotaazkangastele. Varunõel SAIP.

Toote hind: 38.40 EUR

Toote kirjeldus

Tagging gun for fastening labels with extra fine tagging pins. Very solid, comfortable and safe. Equipped with needle guard, protecting from injury (closed) and keeping the comb safe, pulled back from the labeled product (open).

SAIP 60M is a product series, consisting of tagging guns, tagging gun needles, and micro extra fine tag pins.

Tag gun needle for SAIP 60M tag gun is available in N2-MT version, made in Swiss from high quality components.

Micro extra fine tag pins available in neutral colour at 100 pcs/strip at 5.4mm, 1 box = 10,000 pcs