Termopress TEXI APOLLO 101

Ideaalne rõivaste, laste riiete, voodipesu, kardinate, käterätikute, laudlinadeja palju muude triikimiseks. Eemaldab kortsud ja voldid.
Säästa oma aega ja naudi triikimist.

Toote kirjeldus

Technical specifications:

– ironing surface – 18 times the area of a standard iron (size: 101 x 30 cm)
– function of dry and steam ironing
– maximum warm-up time: 2 min.
– 5- step, intuitive temperature indicator (nylon, silk, wool, cotton, linen)
– temperature range of 60-180°C
– steam output: 120g/min
– “BOOSTER” function – powerful steam burst
– water tank capacity: 800 ml
– pressure up to 50 kg
– automatic security control system – press automatically disconnects after 15 minutes of inactivity or 15 seconds of permanent closure
– sound system informing, among others, about obtaining the desired temperature and need to fill the tank with water
– equipped with anti-scale cartridge and an electronic control system to replace the cartridge
– additional cushion for easy ironing of sleeves, pleats, etc. in set
– voltage 220-240 V
– power 2200 W
– weight 15 kg
– packaging size 104 x 31.5 x 64 cm