Termostaat + ülekuumenemiskaitse – 161.491

Sobib uuematele Battistella aurugeneraatoritele.
Safety thermostat 165 C for SATURNINO new model.
nr. 21932

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Thermostat / thermal link combination “Discomelt Plus”

The thermostat / thermal link combination 161 491 is suitable for controlling or monitoring a fixed temperature where a maximum temperature must not be exceeded. Typical applications are coffeemakers, egg-cookers, deep fat fryers, heaters for dishwashers and washing machines, electric steam equipment, etc.

A bimetal disc is used as a temperature sensing element. The disc is pressed directly against the mounting plate of the combination and can therefore react quickly to changes in temperature. As soon as the preset temperature (165’C) is reached, the bimetal disc operates and opens the electrical contacts. On cooling the disc snaps back into the original position, closing the circuit again.

The thermal link has a melt solder insert, which via the baseplate is in direct contact with the surface to be monitored. When the preset temperature (298’C) is reached, the solder melts, opening the electrical contacts permanently. Resetting is not possible. When the fault has been removed, the combination must be replaced.

For high switch-off temperatures a ceramic cover with a clip can be used.

  • 2 functions in one product
  • Easy mounting and wiring
  • Fast thermal response, independent of mounting position
  • Equal heat transmission for thermostat and thermal link
  • High holding temperature
  • Wiping contact action
  • Long life
  • Various types of terminals and fixing
  • Tested and approved in accordance with the stringent US-Norm “TH-100” (100 weeks continuous operation)
  • Article “TH-100”
  • Specially tested and approved in accordance with UL 873 for use in coffeemakers
  • Article “design challenges”