Töötool Argo 202

Metallist töötool.
Reguleeritava seljatoega ergonoomiline iste. Reguleeritava seljatoega ergonoomiline iste. 10-11mm paksune vineer, värvitu lakk. Istme laius 430mm, sügavus 410mm. Istme kõrgus reguleeritav kruvimehhanismiga.
5-haruline madal terasest jalarist mahub hästi madalate seadmete ja töölaudade alla.

Toote kirjeldus

Industrial chair designed and produced for people working in the manufacture workshops, where ergonomics is highly valued but the working tempo doesn’t let treating the equipments in a subtle way.
The only one professional chair for sewing room on the market, with special construction of the flat base, which do not block the pedal of the machine.

– five-arms steel base made from low profiles,
– screw seat height adjustment in the range from 44 cm to 64cm
– solid ply wooden (ergonomic) seat and backrest
– shock absorber made of spring steel

The plywood version is designed for people, which value the comfort but working in the places, where upholstery applying is not possible – service shops, printing houses, laboratories and multi-shift work.

Toote andmed

1. Istme kõrguse reguleerimine 430 - 640 mm
2. Seljatoe sügavuse reguleerimine 55 mm
3. Jalaristi laius 540 mm