Triikraua teflonpõhi TEXI4001

Sussi laadne teflonpõhi vähendab triikimise temperatuuri. See võimaldab saada kuiva auru samaaegselt turvalisel temperatuuril triikides. Sobib enamikele kodu triikraudadele. Ei põleta materjali ega jäta läiget
Suurus 235 x 135 mm

Toote hind: 7.32 EUR

Toote kirjeldus

Universal PTFE anti-shine foot for irons. Suitable for most of household irons. Prevents fabric against scorches and shinings, ensures excellent slide and smoothness of ironing, protects the iron’s base plate and allows good and equable spreading of steam. Two springs simplify the installation and make it really stable.
Reduces the temperature of contact with material thanks to which allows to receive a dry steam with secure for material temperature of ironing.